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Bolivia: Adrian & Anita Lovell

Adrian & Anita Lovell

Adrian is the International Director of MOCLAM. Adrian and Anita have been living and working with MOCLAM in Cochabamba Bolivia since 2011.

Having both completed a Bachelor of Divinity at Moore College in Sydney, Adrian and Anita are enjoying the challenge of teaching the Bible in Spanish. With a background in IT, Adrian looks after the back-end systems required to manage a distance education institution. Anita is using her business training to help with the administration of the courses and related matters.

Chile: Chris Overhall

Chris lives in Santiago, Chile with his wife Stef and 3 children. After studying primary education and teaching in the public school system in Australia, Chris completed a ministry apprenticeship in his local church before going to study at Moore Theological College.

After completing studies at Moore Theological College he served in 2 churches in Australia before joining the MOCLAM team. Since moving to Chile in 2018, the family have enjoyed learning Spanish and making new friends. Chris is affiliated with the IFES ministry in Chile (GBUCH) and teaches MOCLAM courses to university students, the GBUCH leadership team, students in various churches in Chile, and serving in his local church.

Spain: See moclam.org.es